SIP Black Caliper Vespa LX,S,Primavera

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  • MV564230
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  • Tag Produk: sip, black, hitam, caliper, kaliper, vespa, lx, primavera
  • Rp.2,150,000

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SIP Black Caliper Vespa LX,S,Primavera

The latest version of the ABE can be found at the downloads.
Before buying, please check whether the ABE is valid for your scooter or not.

The Vespa ET2/ET4/LX/LXV/S models are supplied with a nice looking HENG Tong brake calliper. As this component isn't exactly state-of-the-art we have manufactured a brake caliper which not only sets the pulse of any professional customizer racing, but also improves the braking effect of the disc brakes.

The SIP Performance brake calliper is CNC-milled completely from aluminium. The bigger piston diameter, totalling 31.5 mm, guarantees a better braking performance. We have also given the brake calliper a GALFER brake pad that has a bigger pad width and therefore a non-tilting bearing surface. Special additional inner drill-holes make the bleeding easier. The brake callipers are anodised and come in the extreme racing colours of silver, gold, black, titanium and red.

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