BGM Crusiform Vespa Small frame 4 Speed

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BGM Crusiform Vespa Small frame 4 Speed

The BGM Pro shifting claw is made of high-quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel and is therefore very resistant. The flanks are, compared to other shifting claws available on the market, very closely tolerated. This ensures that the claw is guided exactly in the main shaft and effectively prevents cabineting/tilting. The profile for the detent of the gear steps has been greatly improved and offers the following advantages:

GANG 1-2
The detent profile of the first gear has been revised so that it can be inserted more easily. It is also possible to shift into second gear much faster. This is a nice feature, especially in racing, to make the interruption of traction as short as possible.

OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Polini 230.0402, 2300402

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